Sanders Armory FAQ

About Our Barrels:

Where do you get your barrels and parts from?
We do not disclose where we get our barrels or parts for a couple reasons, the most important being it is proprietary information … I mean no one goes running off asking Kentucky Fried Chicken where they get their chicken … or where Mossy Oak gets their fabric for their apparel. Also, we have several NDAs signed and contracts in place that prohibit us from sharing that information.

How are your barrels made?
The barrels are US made by a manufacturer that ONLY makes barrels and has for many decades. That IS their core business and specialty. The barrels are made either via machining and/or CNC … a lot depends on the size, style and accents on the barrel. Each barrel is made to Mil Spec with the highest quality materials and are tested to make certain they are consistently within Mil Spec throughout each production. They can hold 1″ at 100 yards … now keep in mind, we have to bear witness to the skill of the shooter, quality of the ammo and of course weather … but nonetheless, these barrels are so well made it helps even a novice shoot better.

Why are they priced so well?
Using our buying power we are able to purchase these HIGH QUALITY barrels at a fair price and choose to share the savings with our customers. These are NOT “cheap” barrels nor are they seconds or blems … we will NEVER have those types of products associated with our name. We will ONLY sell products that we ourselves would use and are first run.
So enjoy the high quality products at a price that is fair and provides a great value for your dollar. Trust that you can shop Sanders Armory Corp. with confidence that your product will be top notch, shipped fast and our customer service is second to none.

Check out our reviews at and please feel free to call us at 239-541-8219 or email us at with any further questions. We WILL answer quickly … and thank you for choosing Sanders Armory!